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Role of the Chiropractor!

As a Sports Chiropractor, my role is to ensure that you are moving well without compensations, pain or dysfunction. Chronic compensations or dysfunctions can cause chronic overload in an area of the body which will than lead to pain and a decrease in neuromusculoskeletal function. For example, let’s say you sprained your ankle 1 year […]

Role of an Exercise Physiologist

Exercise Physiology is a discipline that addresses the short- and long-term responses of physical stress or activity on the body. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) utilises knowledge of how the body works, including mechanical, physical and chemical processes, to prescribe effective exercise programs for rehabilitation, chronic disease management, pain management and improved health and well-being.  Today, there […]

The Role of Physiotherapists

Here at Blacktown Physioclinic, our physiotherapists are qualified in the implementation of evidenced-based practice tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our physiotherapists are proficient in a range of manual handling strategies to assess and treat the various injuries prominent among the working class, young athletes and weekend-warriors, Worker’s compensation, third-party insurance and the […]