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Role of the Chiropractor!

As a Sports Chiropractor,

my role is to ensure that you are moving well without compensations, pain or dysfunction. Chronic compensations or dysfunctions can cause chronic overload in an area of the body which will than lead to pain and a decrease in neuromusculoskeletal function. For example, let’s say you sprained your ankle 1 year ago, you didn’t really rehabilitate it properly. You waited for the pain to subside. Your ankle pain is gone but your ankle is still stiff and lost mobility. Losing ankle mobility will also affect lower limb motor control, which is sensory and motor output to and from the lower limb to your brain and back to muscles of the lower limb and core. Something as simple as ankle immobility can cause a serious knee ligament injury, loss of glute strength and hip extension movement. Loss of hip extension and glute strength/control can then cause over loading of your lower back. As you can see, one minor dysfunction can cause multiple problems up the chain.

As a sports chiropractor my job is to look at the way you are moving through ranges of motion and find segments of the spine or lower limbs to work on with manual therapy (soft tissue work, dry needling, mobilisations, manipulations, fascia instrument work, etc). When you find immobile segments or areas of the body that are not functioning well, I guide you through specific rehabilitation exercises accompanied via manual treatment. When we work on your body’s weaknesses, we can improve sports performance, decrease pain, increase neuromusculoskeletal function, increase mobility, stability, strength and motor control. Chiropractic care can even help the way you sit, stand or lift boxes in a more functional pain free manner.

I truly believe in what chiropractic care can do to anyone whether you are experiencing pain or need maintenance care or after increasing sports performance.

Hope to see you in the clinic!

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