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Blacktown Physio Clinic
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Blacktown Physioclinic

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67-73 Main street, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia


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Welcome to Physioclinic

Live life pain free

At Blacktown Physioclinic we are committed to providing fast and effective pain relief techniques to guarantee recovery. Our team is genuinely dedicated to ensuring each patient is assessed individually and has their injuries evaluated to assure that the ideal treatment techniques and an exercise program are then combined to achieve the fastest relief of pain

A thorough history & examination will be completed at your initial session to enable our therapist to make an accurate diagnosis & complete an ideal treatment for your injury

From everyday injuries, wear and tear, work related or motor vehicle accidents to recent or lingering pains, our physio’s have treated and solved issues just like yours.


NDIS Services
At Blacktown Physioclinic we provide a high quality level of guidance and support for our clients new and existing to manage and navigate your NDIS journey. Our team is equipped READ MORE

Exercise Physiology
Discover the tools you need to take charge of your health, build self confidence and uncover what your mind and body are capable of. Achieve your physical goals with the guidance of our exercise physiologists.

Work Cover
All our therapists are certified by SIRA to treat your work-related injuries

Third Party Claim(CTP)
In the unfortunate even that you sustain injuries related to a motor vehicle injury, our therapists are certified in providing you high level of care under ‘Compulsory Third Party’


Our Chiropractic services will quickly relieve pain and discomfort in the safest, most natural way possible.


Our job is to help you get back into your Best condition. Blacktown Physiclinic delivers a high quality physiotherapy service in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Here, we see a range of different injuries, and see people from many lifestyles and ages.

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  • review rating 5  Most of the staff i have seen there, they were all amazing. But Selim, omg his knowledge, experience and care is unbelievable. Highly recommending him to whole world👌👌👌

    thumb Nazli Onay

  • review rating 5  The greatest place to heal! Amazing staff and always very supportive and motivating with their way of healing you. Highly recommended.

    thumb Nancy Smh

  • review rating 5  Selim is highly rated and my experience has been great thus far. He has really helped me understand my condition and how to improve my back.

    thumb Rachwan Hamed

  • review rating 5  Selim is a very professional and knowledgeable physio, he provides a great and comfortable service. I highly recommend Selim and his staff.

    thumb Tina Meli

  • review rating 5  Selim is the best physio. He has great knowledge and understanding! Keep up the good job! I would definitely recommend Selim. Very friendly and knowledgeable. He is very loveable.

    thumb dipti patel

  • review rating 5  Jeffrey Brown is such an amazing physiotherapist ! he takes his time in assessing me and asks about my specific needs and goals that I want to achieve. Physio clinic / Focus health is a professional, excellent and friendly service that I highly recommend. I am receiving treatment for my back, neck and shoulders that has been brilliant with improvement and has really helped me sustain and manager my pain. Jeffrey always gives great advice and has been helping me recover from my condition. Thank you Jeffrey for managing my pain and helping me recover.

    thumb Deniz Dee

  • review rating 5  Great service and friendly staff. In one session I received immediate pain relief. Thank you the amazing team at Blacktown physio!

    thumb Ayse Sirikci

  • review rating 5  I have been seeing more than 8 physiotherapists in public and private clinics for my back, neck and shoulder pains over a decade. I was suggested injection by neurologist and acupuncture by friends. I also tried chiropractic treatments and my pain seemed very stubborn until receiving treatments from Selim. He is very experienced, professional, caring and friendly. I've recommended him to workmates and friends as he is one of the best physiotherapists in the field.

    thumb Sylvia Brotherton

  • review rating 5  I would definitely recommend Blacktown Physioclinic, the service is highly professional but friendly at the same time, making you feel comfortable and looked after. They do such a great job, I would highly recommend everyone to go here for their physio needs.

    thumb Natasa Stefanovic

  • review rating 5  I highly recommend this physio clinic. Selim was able to fix my back so quickly when I injured it last year. I had no hesitation going back to him when I broke my leg this year and needed to learn to walk again. He is very professional, knowledgeable and kind. Thanks again!

    thumb Tegan Porter


What do I need to bring?

If any CT/X-Ray/Ultrasound or other relevant scans have been taken please bring along any scans, reports that you have obtained from the doctor in relation to your injury. Wear comfortable clothing.

What happens on my initial assessment’?

Our therapist will take not of the history of your injury, assess you on your problem and enquire about the persistence, frequency and level of pain you experience. With these observations as a core, our therapist will devise a treatment plan for you. It may involve exercise, manual therapy and/or muscle releases dependent on the location, type of pain, frequency of episodes and other contributing factors.

How often do I need to come for treatment?

This is dependent on the seriousness of your injury but the treating therapist will be able to give you an idea of how often they need to see you to resolve to matter and ensure continuity of care is upheld so you can achieve fat recovery and be back on your feet in no time

Are our services covered by Medicare/do we bulk bill?

We accept Medicare referrals for our physiotherapy, chiropractic and exercise physiology services.

Do we treat work cover/ third party patients?

i. Yes, we treat workcover and third party. All our therapists are SIRA approved and certified, however, the following information is required on your initial appointment:
– Doctor’s Referral
– Claim number
– Insurance company details
– Claims Manager details
– WorkCover certificate of capacity (applicable to workcover claims only)
ii. If the insurance company has not accepted liability, or if all of the above named information is not presented at the time of your initial consultation, you will be billed at the time of your consultation.

Do I need a referral?

As a private patient you do not need a referral. However, relevant referrals are required if claims are made under work cover or CTP.

Can I use my health fund?

Yes you can. We accept all heath funds and have a HICAPS terminal which allows for consultations to be claimed on the spot. There is a gap charge of what the health fund does not cover. Contact your health fund provider to find out how much the consultation will be covered for.