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Spinal Decompression Table

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Now there is hope for lasting relief with ‘Non Surgical Spinal Decompression’

Patients who suffer from the chronic pain associated with bulging, degenerating, or herniated discs may benefit from treatment using a Spinal Decompression Table.

This type of pain, which can manifest as back pain itself as well as associated pain in the arms and legs, may have already been treated by traditional traction methods or even by spinal surgery to limited improvement.

In these cases, a spinal decompression table that uses computerized sensors to perform stretching actions on the spine and promote healing may be beneficial.

Spinal decompression therapy is also referred to as non-surgical decompression therapy

What are the major reasons you will consider Spinal Decompression Therapy?

  • Bulging or Herniated Discs
  • Sciatica
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Arm or Leg Pain Numbness / Tingling
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Facet Joint Syndrome
  • Failed Back Surgery
  • Spinal Stenosis


Negative pressure is created within the discs by providing a series of slow pulls, holds and releases.

Over time, this vacuum effect may in many cases help the bulging disc material to be ‘drawn back into place’.

The fibers in the outer ring of the disc are also helped to heal by the increased nutrients which circulate in the area due to the gentle pumping movement created around the disc and facet joints. (Images below)