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Selim Vanlioglu

Principle Physiotherapist


I have a passion for enabling others to reach their full potential. This has lead me into completing my degree in Physiotherapy at University of Sydney. Over the last decade, I have focused on gaining extensive experience and knowledge in understanding human bio-mechanics and psychology. For this reason, I have participated both as a contender and a therapist in multiple sports such as soccer, AFL, basketball, surfing, taekwondo, hapkido, as well as long distance running. This has provided me with a deeper understanding in ways of forming a detailed treatment plan allowing for highly effective and permanent results. 

As I always say to my patients that come through our doors, ‘Goal of a physical therapist should be to achieve lasting results, whilst empowering you to maintain and avoid re-aggravations and re-injuries that see you make your way to the clinic again and again. Spending more of your valuable time and finances’. 

All our therapists across our clinics share this way of thinking. You can be assured, we have your best interest at all times and consider all factors when treating you.